10 very satisfying pasta recipes for Christmas dinner

We love Christmas and pasta, so we can’t think of anything better than making delicious dinner recipes with this versatile ingredient.

Before the Christmas recipes, some tips for cooking pasta

1. It’s always worth it use a large, deep saucepan that saves a lot of space so that the pasta moves in the water. The dough is put on cook once the water boils.

2. When the dough is inside You will need to mix carefully so that it does not stick and, although everyone has their theories, to us we like to cook uncovered.

3. Stir the dough periodically and when it is a little softer test if it is al dente, that is, stop when it bites, which will be when she is ready.

Four. Pasta al dente it must be drained immediately and never needs to be rinsed as they cool and lose the starch layer, which means the sauce cannot stick.

5. The ratio between water and pasta in cooking must be, more or less, 3 liters of water for every 250 grams of pasta and when more than a kilogram is worth cooking in two pots.

6. Now yes, we’re ready for a fantastic salsa recipe or just a little salt and olive oil to have the perfect meal. Don’t forget to add some animal protein to make a complete dish delicious.

Now yes, let’s get to work!

Fettuccine Alfredo

Alfredo christmas pasta recipes

This is one of the most satisfying Christmas pasta recipes around. Besides being creamy and with intense cheesy flavors, it’s super easy to prepare!

See here the complete recipe and its history.

white spaghetti

Dangerously similar to fettuccine alfredo but easier and less pretentious are the always reliable white spaghetti.

The recipe is very simple: mix the whipping cream with a little onion powder and salt. Season the cooked pasta with diced ham, sausage, or any other protein you like.

Here you are!

Fettuccine alla carbonara

The secret of this recipe is to beat the egg very well and mix it with Parmesan and bacon. Another important thing is to eat it right now so that it doesn’t congeal and it looks bad.

With these four ingredients, who can’t conquer the world? See here for more tips to make it perfect.

Green spaghetti (with chilli)

how to clean poblano peppers

For the following magic trick you need: two poblano peppers, cleaned and peeled, a 190 gram cream cheese tablet, a bunch of coriander, a little of the pasta cooking water, gratinated cheese and salt.

Blend the chillies with the cream cheese, coriander and salt; if it is too thick, add the cooking water in small quantities.

Combine the cooked pasta with the grated cheese. Cook for 10 minutes and voila!

with pesto

We love this traditional Italian sauce with short pasta such as fusilli, penne or fiocchi. To prepare it, blend a bunch of fresh basil with almonds or pine nuts, salt, Parmesan cheese and olive oil that you will have to add little by little.

Want a way to raise the bar on these pasta recipes for Christmas? Add the cherry tomatoes and a little grated cheese on top.

Lemon butter ravioli

Gastronomic experiences restaurant Aitana Chef Víctor Morales

Ricotta ravioli with lemon butter. // Photo: Paloma García Castillejos

It sounds difficult, but it is very easy to polish yourself with this recipe. All you have to do is melt a knob of butter and add, beating with a balloon, the juice of a yellow lemon. Finally, season with the zest and wet your ravioli.


With dehydrated tomato sauce and red wine

ravioli recipe

This recipe is delicious because it has a very interesting set of textures: bits of dehydrated tomato, creaminess of the cheese, bits of fresh tomato and acidity of the wine.

Do you want to prepare it at home? We tell you how to make ravioli from scratch.

with four cheeses

Christmas pasta recipes

We love gnocchi with this sauce and it really goes with any pasta you want. To prepare it, use mascarpone, gouda, parmesan and some other strong-flavored cheese such as blue or roquefort. If you feel guilty, cut some mushrooms and add them to the preparation.

An important precaution in this recipe: never boil the sauce because it can curdle.

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