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A variety of practical accessories to prepare and present the best salads.
A variety of practical accessories to prepare and present the best salads.

If you are one of those who still think that a salad cannot be prepared in a fun, original way and, of course, keeping all its flavors and nutrients, I invite you to read on. In THE COUNTRY Showcase We went to work to find the utensils, accessories and tools that will help us prepare and serve this type of healthy food. Now, moreover, that we are at the gates of spring and there are many who are making an amendment with the aim of arriving at summer with guarantees and successfully overcoming the so-called bikini operation.

We refer to products such as vegetable cutter with storage tray, 2-in-1 centrifugesall kinds of products whose purpose is slicing or slicing avocados, hard-boiled eggs or mushrooms and how, seasonings Y dishes to frame our salads and brilliantly present them to our guests. He also comments that we have selected all of these items on the platform Amazon and that none of them exceed 30 euros. Don’t let them escape you!

Salad spinners, cutters and peelers

Vegetable knife set

Lightweight, comfortable to use and very versatile for cutting vegetables. This is what this Victorinox brand knife set looks like. One of them has an average tip of 8 centimeters, eight have a serrated edge of the same length, and the third is ideal for slicing tomatoes. The handle material is made of durable plastic, ergonomic and dishwasher safe. On Amazon they have an exceptional note: 4.7 stars out of 5.

portable vegetable cutter

This is an ideal product for turning vegetables into a more eye-catching recipe, especially when presented on the plate. It is currently the best-selling vegetable slicer in its class on Amazon. It features three different types of blades for spiral dissecting a variety of vegetables and an easy-to-clean design. With it you can perfectly manipulate fruits, vegetables and greens. Includes citrus peeler, brush and recipe book.

Vegetable cutter with storage tray

Another option is to try this vegetable cutter which includes a practical storage tray in which to store the pre-cut ingredients waiting to be cooked. Its size is 1.2 liters. With it you will effortlessly cut potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers or carrots, among others. It can be taken apart for easier cleaning.

Salad spinner with sauce hole

We do not always find a product with these characteristics that performs two functions: that of spinning the lettuce well, on the one hand, and that of dressing it with oil or any sauce, on the other. This last step is done through an opening in the top cover. Its design is transparent, can be washed in the dishwasher and is the perfect size to cover the needs of up to three people.

Cut avocado, peel and open

One of the most used ingredients in salads, regardless of the time of year, is avocado. For this we have to handle it with the best accessories we have in the drawer: like this 3 in 1 product. Cut, peel and stone this exotic fruit easily and safely. Its potato peeler makes even and equal cuts and the handle of the accessory is non-slip to avoid unexpected scares.

Cut hard boiled eggs into slices

Properly cutting hard boiled eggs or good mushrooms for a 10-inch dish is no easy task. However, we can always help ourselves with a tool like the one we are highlighting: made of aluminum, it is capable of cutting egg slices up to 5mm thick, ranging in size from S to L. Its cut is so clean that it will do not crumble the yolk from the egg.

Sliced ​​vegetable cutter

Another variant to complete our rich vegetable salads is this little expedient: a very easy to use accessory with which we will manipulate apples, potatoes, onions, even of large diameter. Turn any ingredient into twelve even slices, which makes it very practical when imagining other types of salads.

Set of four accessories for decoration

Playing with the ingredients is one of the strong points in the preparation of any salad. To help us create different presentation shapes, we can use this accessory set to carve fruit and vegetables, such as melons, watermelons or pineapples. Three of them have a spherical end and the last one has a tunnel design. They are all made of stainless steel.

Accessories for salad dressing

Oiler with silicone gasket

If we always go beyond quantity when we go to dress the salad, it is because we may not have a good utensil. The one we propose has everything for you to take the right measure and prepare fantastic vinaigrettes. It incorporates an anti-block function, has a measuring scale and has small recipe books printed on the sides. It can be easily disassembled and washed in the dishwasher.

Four mini dressing containers

Even if if you are one of those who like to pour different sauces than salad, you have found the set you are looking for. Made with food-grade materials, these jars have a great sealing capacity and are ideal for traveling: they can contain mustard, mayonnaise, soy sauce, various condiments and endless other sauces. They are available in two different sizes and include two cleaning brushes.

Utensils for presenting or transporting salads

salad tongs

Good materials, easy to make in two separate parts and easy to use. This is how this set of tongs is used to mix and serve salads without worrying that a part of them will fall along the way. It has a very high rating on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Classic Pyrex glass bowl

This other product, from a renowned company, will come in handy for preparing large salads. Scratch resistant, it is made of borosilicate glass and we can also use it for other preparations: such as doughs, making bread dough, etc. It is also very easy to clean. Its size is 3 liters.

Set of three dishes to serve at the table

Made of opal glass (a material that is very resistant to washing and use), this dish service is a very practical solution to present our salads to diners. We can play very well with its three sizes: 26, 22 and 18 centimeters.

Lunch box with glass lid at two heights

Keeping the properties of a salad intact once it is prepared requires a good storage accessory. In EL PAÍS Escaparate we found this packed lunch ideal to take to work or on a trip. It consists of two different levels, its lid is transparent with four hermetic closing tabs and, in addition, it has a third compartment for sauces or condiments.

Vertical airtight container, by Lékué

In recent times, the use of vertical containers has also become fashionable to carry our preparations in a backpack or bag. The one we report has a size of 600 ml and two compartments: the upper one is ideal as a place to store the extras or sauces that we want to add to the salad located in the lower part. Sold in three colors: turquoise, coral and green.

Three recipe books to start innovating in the world of salads

Around the world in 120 recipes

Salads of all kinds for every meal of the day. Here is what this salad manual offers that covers different diets and needs: for those who do not want dairy products, for those who prefer gluten-free meals or for the more vegan.

Salads for the whole year, by Martín Berasategui

The legendary Spanish chef has prepared a book where the salad is the central axis with truly surprising dishes, both to eat in the hot and cold seasons: from cucumber in salads with apples and yogurt to tomatoes stuffed with meat or sautéed pears.

69 super easy salads

This other book proposes something very easy to make: being able to make salads with very few ingredients and all at home: like avocado or pepper. In short, delicious proposals so as not to break our heads in everyday life.

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