Aldi blows away the competition with the tasty homemade pizza recipe

The supermarket chain has shared a series of tricks for its preparation on social networks

The Pizza It’s an absolute favorite and he knows it Aldi. So much so that the famous supermarket chain wanted to share a series of tricks and tricks on its site recipes for making homemade pizza in the authentic Neapolitan style. Something that Aldi customers have really appreciated.

This situation was propitiated after a small survey that Aldi Spain shared on social networks. A survey that has clearly opted for the yes to pizza. That’s why, soon after, they shared tips for making homemade pizza.

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Aldi triumphs with his tricks to replicate Neapolitan pizza

Aldi triumphs with his tricks for making homemade pizza

As we mentioned, the recipe that Aldi shared is to make Neapolitan pizza, thin in the center and with soft edges. A recipe that is on the website of the supermarket chain step by step to obtain a perfect result.

The ingredients needed to make Neapolitan pizza are water, salt, yeast and flour. They also guarantee that the dough, once made, must be left to rest for a minimum of 8 hours so that the consistency is adequate. Also, the dough must be done by hand.

The tricks for Neapolitan pizza

Likewise, Aldi has also given great importance to the use of authentic Italian products, otherwise the result may not be correct. Sauces are also important, such as marinara or margarita, which are the most traditional.

Finally, it should be noted that cooking must be done in a wood oven for no more than 90 seconds. But, for home ovens, the best option is to have a pizza stone and preheat the oven to the highest temperature to get the closest result.

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