All for 10 dollars: the special offer of a greengrocer in Cordoba to fight inflation

A greengrocer in Cordoba proposes a “war against inflation” and sells his produce for 10 pesos

In the capital of Cordoba, with $ 20is possible to buy two candies but also a kilo of zucchini. It is that a greengrocer located in the center of the city launches a “war against inflation” and does so by selling its products at very low prices. “With $ 100 you can make a full salad”keeps its owner.

The numbers with which this Cordovian business works are known in a scenario marked by the notorious increase in prices nationwide. Inflation in March, in fact, according to official data, was 6.7%, the highest value in the last 20 years.

“We know the business and we buy in quantity. We look for and know from whom to buy e how to buy. So today we can bring our customers the best price because that’s what we want “, said the owner of the premises to the reporter of the local channel. The twelve.

To the reporter’s surprise, the woman offered: “Look, I can give you a pound of zucchini for $ 20, spinach for $ 10 … For $ 100 pesos I can give you a pound of zucchini, spinach, a packet of chard. you can make a whole salad. You don’t miss anything. ” “I just bought two candy for $ 20”replied the reporter a trading strategy reminiscent of the classic “Everything for $ 2” – the places that became popular before and after the 2001 crisis -.

In an economic scenario where prices are not high in the food sector, the trader underlined regarding competition: “I can’t say why they have other prices. What I can tell you is that we fight it every day. We will buy and fight the price, buy in quantity and know who to buy from. We know where to look for the price and we have this empathy with the public to bring the best prices and keep them“.

“Not only do we have the lowest price. We also have two quality classes in all. We have quality and price ”, underlined the owner of the company. In turn, the woman stressed that through her business strategy she tries to propose a “war on inflation”. “You can, you can!” she said.

“I’d be a hypocrite if I told you I’m not doing this to win,” the woman was honest. The point is, I win, but not to drive me crazy. I don’t inflate it to take advantage of inflation and the whole system that tells you it’s all inflated, but yes: in quantity I win“.

Then he clarified: “Here we sell quality and quantity. So I can win. Unlike others who want to get rich, we give this message to people: yes, you can lower the price “.

A few days ago and in this sense the Minister of Productive Development of the Nation, Matias Kulfahe referred to the economic situation and stated that the country is in a “situation in which two realities coexist”, or rather a “process of growth and productive reactivation” with the “bad mood” that inflation generates. In this sense, he admitted that he expects inflation figures for April to be below the record 6.7% recorded in March, but which will once again be above 4%.

According to Kulfas, the price increase is entering an inertial process that will slow down first gradually and then more sharply. In fact, as the minister said days ago in dialogue with The discovery Radio, inflation in April will be lower than in March – which according to the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec) was 6.7% -, and despite the fact that “it is hasty to know the number”, it believes it will be more than 4 percent per month. “In May we think it will stabilize and then start to shrink more significantly,” Kulfas added.


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