Chinese Food: Learn how to make Chinese noodles quick and easy with this recipe

At this point in life, anyone who hasn’t tried Chinese food surely he did not live, or existed in the dark ages, because he is honestly one of the delicatessens largest, most delicious and oldest in the world. It is rich in history and tradition, as well as a perfect balance between meat, fruit and vegetable ingredients, as well as the temperature at which each dish is consumed.

Every saucer It is a unique story, because a lot has to do with the region where it originates, because everything that happens in a place directly or indirectly affects the meal. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but it never leaves you indifferent to the social and historical events we experience every day. China has at least 8 major regions when it comes to food. And who is a connoisseur, knows how to differentiate what kind of dishes come from those places.


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