Chinese New Year: Make some fried noodles to snack on with this recipe

We are already a few hours away from this part of the world among Chinese New Year and we could not be more excited, because it is the beginning of a new era, the time of the Tiger, according to their astrology and beliefs, where even the horoscopes are different. And that’s it China It is a country with a great history and ancient traditions, which is also home to a good part of the world population.

If there is one thing we should know it is that every Chinese dish has its own history, because a lot has to do with the region it comes from, as everything that happens in a place directly or indirectly affects the food. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but it never leaves her indifferent to social events and historical that we live every day. China at least it has 8 main regions when it comes to food. And who is a connoisseur, knows how to distinguish what kind of dishes come from those places.


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