Do you eat fruit at night? This is what you should know

Experts advise to eat 3 to 5 fruits per day for a healthy diet. They are low calorie foods that should be present in your diet.

However, a question arises: Is it good to eat fruit at night?

fresh fruit is rich in natural sugars, vitamins and nutrients, all very necessary in your diet. However, some of these fruits are heavy to consume on the last meal of the day.

There are some that are not recommended for the night

to exist many myths about its nocturnal consumption. For this reason today we will tell you which are the most recommended fruits to take at this time.

fruit at night

The best time to eat fruit

In the morning, away from meals or in the middle of the afternoon, at this time the fruit provides more energy to endure the long day.

Eating them at night does not mean gaining weight or sleeping poorly, as they are healthy foods. However, there are some fruits that are more recommended than others.

What kind of fruit should you eat at the end of the day?

Citrus fruits are best avoided as they hinder digestion. In turn, the fruits are rich in fructose. For this reason, choose the ones that have a lower sugar level.

You can choose fruits that contain a high level of water to aid in hydration.

Furthermore, dinner is the meal of the day where we should consume the least calories and energy. Therefore, choose foods that fill you up so that you don’t feel hungry all night. Eating something light and then opening the refrigerator late at night is less healthy than a large meal.

recommended fruits

Pear, quality apple, watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe or papaya are the healthiest. Rich in water, purifying, very satiating and which helps you rest thanks to its relaxing components. They are also low in calories, so they help keep you fit.

Fruit that shouldn’t be eaten

Among those to avoid are bananas, strawberries, mangoes, peaches or grapes and citrus fruits, such as tangerines, oranges or kiwis.

The former contain too much fructose which will not be used for bedtime, while the citrus group is difficult to digest in the late hours.

How is the ideal dinner?

The most advisable thing is not to eat only fruit, but to eat proteins such as meat or fish accompanied by vegetables or salad. For dessert you can choose these fruits that we have mentioned (apple, pear, melon, etc.).

Light dinner with filling foods, so you will be less hungry the next morning.

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