Does the kiwi diet work? The keys to losing weight (up to 5 kilos)

This popular diet has become famous all over the world thanks to the properties of kiwifruit. This fruit will give you numerous benefits how to lose weight quickly and safely So beware that this time we will tell you everything about this kiwi diet, how to apply it in your daily life and why it will give you many benefits in your rapid weight loss process.

With the bikini operation around the cornerit is good to start taking care of your diet to enhance the full effects of the kiwi diet.

What does the kiwi diet consist of? Jobs?

kiwi diet
Kiwi diet, one of the best ways to lose weight

The restrictive diet is based on the consumption of kiwifruit, significantly reducing the intake of other foods. This diet is done in about 4 days where you can lose 2 pounds and maybe a little more.

The kiwi diet was designed for people who want to lose weight in a short time. It helps to speed up your metabolism, you will burn calories and best of all you will have a feeling of satiety, which will prevent you from consuming more food than recommended.

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Properties of kiwi

Let’s summarize what the properties of kiwi so that you are clear about what this fruit brings you and what are the benefits for your body.

  • Filter the sun’s rays
  • It strengthens the immune system and fights anemia
  • helps digestion
  • It is used to lose weight and does not retain liquids
  • It improves blood circulation and bones
  • It reduces stress and nerves
  • benefits for the skin

Who shouldn’t eat kiwifruit?

Pay attention to this, which is the first thing to consider before considering following the kiwi diet. Not all fruits are good for your body you may have allergies or other circumstances that pose a problem. These are the cases of people who shouldn’t eat this fruit:

  • Allergic to a proteolytic enzyme called actidin (also applies to papaya or pineapple).
  • People with a tendency to develop kidney stones (kidney stones) due to the high potassium content.

In case of poisoning, symptoms can lead to hives, swallowing problems, and vomiting.

How to properly carry out the kiwi diet to lose weight?

It is necessary to follow certain indications and daily menus. The kiwi diet contains several meals a day that you must follow to the letter to get the indicated results.

Below we detail a daily menu, in which we will tell you what corresponds to each of the days and what to accompany this great kiwi diet. Although you can make small changes, we recommend that you stick with it at the base of your diet until you understand how to adapt it to your needs.

First day (first day of the kiwi diet)

Kiwi is a fruit that can help you lose weight
Kiwi is a fruit that can help you lose weight


  • A cup of tea accompanied by the juice of half an orange. You can also have a cup of coffee, but without any kind of sweetener.
  • Two slices of wholemeal bread of your choice.
  • You will take two tablespoons of dietary jam or a single tablespoon of honey and three kiwis.
  • Drink a glass of pineapple juice to finish.

food or lunch

  • You will eat 50 grams of mixed fruit for lunch, which can be bananas, figs or grapes.
  • An herbal tea.
  • Finally a kiwi.


  • A medium or large orange accompanied by two rice crackers or whole grains.
  • Lastly, for a snack you will have tea or, if you prefer, a coffee without any type of sugar.


  • You will prepare a fennel salad with tomato.
  • You will eat cooked vegetables and add a few drops of lemon. It is worth remembering that the only vegetable or vegetable you cannot include is carrot.
  • You will eat 150 grams of chicken skewers accompanied by kiwi and add an orange vinaigrette.

Second day


  • On this occasion, the diet that corresponds to the breakfast on the second day will be the same as the breakfast on the first day. Therefore, we recommend that you do it as is and continue with the process.


  • You will eat 100 grams of black meat.
  • Make a mixed fruit salad.
  • You’re about to make a kiwi smoothie.
  • And finally, prepare an herbal tea and drink it hot.


  • Eat two pieces or slices of wholemeal bread, it can be your favorite wholemeal bread.
  • A cup of unsweetened coffee or a cup of tea if you want.


  • You will make a thick pumpkin cream or to your liking.
  • Preferably two slices of rye bread.
  • A salad to which you will add apple cider vinegar.
  • 200 grams of fish with steamed or baked sea bass.

As a complement to this type of special diet is Exercise that complements and helps your body is highly recommended be healthy In case you can’t do cardio (running, cycling, swimming …) it is always very healthy to walk both to lose weight and to keep fit.

Third day


  • For breakfast you can do it with a skimmed yogurt accompanied by 3 kiwis.
  • A cup of natural coffee without sweetener.
  • 2 tablespoons of dietary jam or if you only have one tablespoon of honey on hand is also optional.
  • To complete you can drink a medium glass of pineapple juice.


  • For lunch on day 3, you can eat a kiwi and accompany it with a cup of tea.
  • Prepare a plate of vegetables, these can be cooked or grilled, depending on your tastes.
  • 60 grams of wholemeal pasta accompanied by cherry tomatoes.


  • In this snack you can choose to have a vegetable cream or it can also be a low-calorie broth.
  • A tea you like best and accompany it after a kiwi.


  • For dinner you can also have a cup of broth which is low in calories and does not contain a lot of fat.
  • Two slices of wholemeal bread.
  • To close this day you can have a smoothie or a kiwi juice, its base should be with water and avoid adding sweeteners.

Fourth day (last day of the kiwi diet)

Kiwi diet for weight loss
Kiwi diet for weight loss


  • You will have a cup of hot tea accompanied by the juice of half an orange, you can also opt for a cup of coffee without sugar.
  • Accompany it with slices of wholemeal bread.
  • A kiwi cut into pieces or to taste or to taste and also a skimmed yogurt.
  • To top it off you can have a glass of pineapple juice.


  • An herbal tea.
  • Vegetable cream or if you wish you can also opt for a low-calorie and lean broth.
  • Eat two pieces of kiwifruit or you can also make it in a smoothie.


  • If you like jelly you can eat a considerable amount, but make it light, or even a skimmed yogurt.
  • One or two kiwis.


  • Prepare a tomato cream, to season, add two boiled onions and blend everything.
  • Make a salad of about 150-200 grams of mixed fruit.

dietary advice

IMPORTANT. It is preferable that all recommended diets are agreed with a nutritionist who can analyze what our case is and determine which are the best dietary recommendations. Not all diets (including kiwi) are suitable for everyone and, depending on the circumstances, we must follow one type of diet or the other.

Following this kiwi diet will help you get the results you’ve been looking for so much. Before doing this diet, go to a doctor to assess whether or not you can. Kiwi has numerous benefitshow to strengthen the defenses, contains vitamin C, reduces stress and anxiety.

An interesting fact is that converts dopamine to serotoninThis hormone is known as the happiness hormone. Think no more and start this fabulous kiwi diet. Tell us how it went and the fabulous results you will get after following this protocol.

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