Don’t melt from the heat and make the best of a rich passion fruit caipirinha!

There is nothing worse than living season of heat in the cell, without fruit water, our cold sweets favorites and of course the cocktails we like best they like it. The truth is that this is the best part of hitting the hottest seasons of the year, that instead of complaining that the sun is running out of us, we may be starting to see the bright side, as basically it’s almost, almost an open bar statement. .

Admit it, you already wanted the heat to come, because you were tired of carrying the jacket everywhere. It is a beautiful time, where there are few crampsalmost none of dehydration and basically the freedom of being able to walk in shorts without anyone telling us anything. The truth is that there is nothing better than those mornings when the blankets do not bind you, but on the contrary: you can throw them away!


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