Grilled pizza to make at home

Spoiler alert. This recipe It can be irresistible and will make you want to eat one serving after another without stopping. The Grilled Pizza, with its thin and crunchy dough, it is super greedy to make it at home. And for this no one better than chef Danilo Ferráz, with extensive experience and experience in the preparation of Grilled Pizzato share yours recipeall the secrets and step by step so that it turns out spectacular.

Chef Danilo Ferráz, with extensive experience in making grilled pizzas, created Mil y pico.

Ferráz is a true lover and expert of Pizzafor this he created Mil y Pico, a place specialized in Grilled Pizza and original empanadas that evoke the flavors of world cuisine, which has two locations, one in the neighborhood of Chacarita and the other in Parque Chas. The Pizza cooked al grill Thanks to the action of direct fire and stretching with a rolling pin, they have a fine thickness and an incredible consistency.



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