Heat? Prepare a rich lettuce salad with apples and blueberries

It has not yet formally arrived. spring and many of us are beginning to feel the warmth of the new season. After 2 consecutive years of so much care, apparently this one 2022 we can hear a little more silent to go out or do something dating with ours friendshipsthanks to vaccines and his reinforcements. However, the truth is that with or without pandemicthe desire to eat something fresh is the same.

In hot timesmany of us favor the consumption of saladsbecause they make us feel that life can have freshness, an alternative and a joy. Basically, why this saucer gives us a lot water, minerals and of course: Vitamins, which allow us not to die of dehydration. Also, if you are not one of those who are satisfied with the salad, you can use it as Garrison for any of your dishes


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