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The heat was more than suffocating, the Easter holidays had arrived and Catalina was waiting for him with great emotion. She was happy that she didn’t get any assignments in high school, so she could take a break from her online educational activities and enjoy the break better.

The celebration of Holy Week had distinctive religious elements, based on the activities they carried out in their neighborhood, some of them were part of their family upbringing. One of the characteristics that made this period special in his family and that kept Grandma Ruth’s teachings was gastronomy, from drinks such as seasonal fruit water, mango, tamarind, soursop, meals such as spoiled fish, nopal salad with dried shrimp to desserts. such as chickpeas, papaya and sweet jocote. The truth is that all of these practices had their own history and, of course, anecdotes that delighted the new generations in the family.

Likewise, on these dates they received visits from relatives who lived in other cities and states. Catalina liked it a lot. The pandemic had interrupted these visits, but the vaccination process and health protocols had allowed them to have relatives back home.

Aunts Olga and Julia and cousin Karla were the visits on this occasion. Catalina’s family received them with joy, they enjoyed not seeing them. That visit was very special, as well as living with them, they had various moments to share in the meetings, usually after dinner.

Karla, Catalina and Mercedes, her little sister, listened carefully to the anecdotes, experiences and stories shared by aunts Olga, Julia and Luisa, Catalina’s mother. Undoubtedly, Grandma Ruth’s presence was there at all times. She was a key member of the family. Stories of the earth and what it was like during their childhood, sad moments, teachings, the accumulation of adventures and exploits experienced, as well as the reproaches and requests for attention also emerged.

One of the afternoons after hearing the stories, Catalina stopped in front of a portrait of Grandma Ruth, who seemed to be looking at her with a keen eye, until Catalina realized the importance of honoring ancestors. She heartily thanked him for her presence in her life and in each of the family members. In her lineage there were courageous, hardworking, loving women, tireless fighters who had endured different situations, in different spaces and times. Undoubtedly, that Holy Week was special, she had the opportunity to meet and recognize her female lineage of hers.

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