How to lose 7 pounds in 15 days by adding these foods

If you have been looking for a long time how to lose weight or reach an ideal weight without having to spend long hours in the gym or under extreme diets, this time we will tell you how to do it. For a long time we have believed that to lose weight you have to stop eating what you like best, but this is not entirely true. That’s why we will tell you what they are foods to include in your diet to lose weight fast.

How to lose weight by eating these foods
How to lose weight by eating these foods.

How to lose weight fast ?: Eat vegetables

One of the many foods that we can consume to help us lose weight in a short time are vegetables and greens. You can find them in the markets and take advantage of them a lot. So don’t hesitate to enjoy them each through a salad, steamed, baked, raw and much more.

It is important to eat vegetables
It is important to eat vegetables.

If we are looking for how to lose weight fast, vegetables provide many nutrients and provide the satiety needed to completely stop eating unhealthy foods, especially between meals. The ideal would be to eat servings of vegetables or greens in a minimum of 150-200 grams, enough to be satiated.

The best thing about this type of food is that we can add it to our main dishes, such as lunch and even dinner, because it is something light and healthy. So don’t think twice and include this type of food more often in your daily diet lose weight in a healthy, fast and effective way.

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Eat more whole fruit

Another of the great foods that we cannot eliminate from our list are fruit, many times it has been said that fruit makes you fat, but it is not, in fact it will be the answer to your doubts about how to lose weight. Eliminating fruit from our diet is a serious mistake, you can consume without any guilt fruit What AndPlantain or banana, papaya, lemon and many others.

Add the whole fruit
Add the whole fruit.

You can eat for breakfast, lunch and even dinnerFurthermore, if desired, they can be consumed only between meals, ie before and after lunch. They can also be a great snack, eating an apple or a pineapple is ideal for a pleasant afternoon.

They can be eaten in salads, but without adding any type of sweetener such as sugar, chocolate or other, preferably natural. As a tip, you can consume at least three pieces of fruit a day, although it also depends on the caloric value of each variety.

green leafy vegetables

It undoubtedly is a great help to lose weight e burn calories bodily when looking for how to lose weight. This type of food must be an almost indispensable part of any diet you undertake to lose weight.

Among the green leafy vegetables we can mention the lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, the delicious chard and many others. These types of green leafy vegetables are low in carbohydrates, calories, and quite high in fiber. You can eat them as salads or creams and they will help you to increase the volume of your meals a little more and thus to be much more satisfied without having to increase the calories.

eat salmon

If you love fish, this is your chance. Salmon is one of the healthiest foods and, therefore, it is essential to add it to your food if you are wondering how to lose weight.

Include salmon in your diet
Include salmon in your diet.

Salmon is a type of fish in which we can find a rich source of healthy fats, proteins and many essential nutrients in the body, such as iodine. Eating this fish not only brings you many benefits, it is also great for losing weight.

When we eat it we will realize that it is a type of food that is very filling and nourishing, but not fattening, therefore, it is the perfect combination. Don’t hesitate to incorporate this nutritious food into your meals. One of the ways to consume it is baked with vegetables, grilled and even cooked.

Carbohydrates, an excellent option

Many times we have believed that consuming carbohydrate-rich foods makes us fat and that we should eliminate them from our diet. But we came to tell you not to, ever since you can consume them without any problemEven if you want to lose weight.

You just have to make sure that these foods are of excellent quality, this means that you have to try to avoid the consumption of cookies, buns, etc. Instead of this you should eat more grains such as wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat bread. Quinoa is also a great option, especially when combining this strategy with intermittent fasting.

On top of all this you can add potato and sweet potato, they provide a large amount of carbohydrates. You can also add legumes as they contain proteins and carbohydrates. So put together a menu and start adding these delicious foods that it will help you lose weight in the shortest time possible.

Yogurt as a snack or snack

Many times we have wondered how to lose weight and avoid falling into the temptation that attacks us mainly during working hours, in the afternoon or between meals. Many times we accept and end up eating everything that makes us fat and let’s set aside healthy snacks that we really need to eat.

Eat yogurt as a snack
Have yogurt as a snack.

Here we present the best option: yogurt. This has a great lunch option, is very healthy, provides nutrients and completes the daily intake. Consuming yogurt leads you to feel full and avoid eating unhealthy foods before main meals.

It is best to consume yogurt with no added sugar, that is, in a completely natural way. You can eat it as a snack, on its own or accompanied by some of your favorite fruits such as strawberry, peach, banana or banana. Including oatmeal and nuts is also totally healthy.

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