If your baby refuses food, you will die of boredom

Jorge Jaldón, dietician / nutritionist.

Does your baby refuse food?

If this is your case, stay with us to find out what could be the causes of what is happening … and above all to relax, because it is more normal than it seems!

Problems of this type are very frequent in the consultation, and above all the problem usually refers to vegetables and, even if a little less, also to fruit. Who doesn’t know that “mom, I don’t want that green”? or “take the green and red off my plate!” Most of the time these are behaviors that we can correct in the child, and above all avoid.

Do you eat with your family?

It is more than usual, with the life we ​​lead, that the family eats separately, and this generally means that our little ones and our children eat before their parents; this is where our mistakes begin. Children learn by imitation; They accept certain foods, from direct observation of close people, therefore, as the main advice, we should all get together to eat and we should present all foods at the table.

There are many studies that argue that foods often rejected early in the child’s life, such as green vegetables, are accepted after repeated exposure. At first they refuse to let us put aside a green bean salad … but we assure you that when they normalize it, they will try it!

Do you let them eat by themselves?

We need to encourage independent nutrition, and that means letting our children eat alone. They are able to feed within the second year of life, generally have a greater supply of nutrients. That is why we recommend letting them explore their food, giving them a second spoon while we help them at first, and then becoming mere observers at mealtimes.

It is true that at this stage many mothers and fathers get desperate. Because they, the table and the chair get stained, the dishes overturn … and the table ends as if a hurricane had passed through the house. Having said that, we can only recommend, kilos of patience! she breathes and thinks, “we’re doing well,” and a lifelong oilcloth tablecloth along with a good laminated bib.

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