know the requirements for your institutional dining room

The C.National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) has made public the pre-call of the to bid for him institutional catering servicewhere it is highlighted that bread, corn tortillas, e tlacoyos they must be non-GMO Y no glyphosateFurthermore, the same dessert should not be repeated during the week.

In the pre-call contained in the file PC-03890X001-E20-2022 it is specified that the company that obtains this contract must serve breakfasts and meals for 40 to 110 peoplefrom Monday to Friday.

Among the specifications that the food must have, it is indicated that the white and red egg it must be “No hormonesthat the cookies must be sugar-free “and preferably gluten-free”.

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On page 52 and 54 it is also required that the corn, bread and corn tortillas Tlacoyos must be “GMO-free and glyphosate-free”.

It should be noted that the availability of a daily vegetarian menu for 10 diners must be considered, which must be approved by the company’s nutritionist to guarantee the supply of vegetable proteins.

“There must be every day dairy-free options for those who are lactose intolerant, and rye bread or tortillas for those who cannot eat gluten ”.

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Conacyt emphasizes that “the use of tomato puree is not authorized or any canned food as a substitute or complement to the natural tomato or other natural ingredient.

“In any case, the use of powdered or liquid eggs as a substitute for natural or chicken flavorings, and others, is not authorized. Completely avoid using any food with high fructose corn syrup or monosodium glutamate.

As for the menu that Conacyt workers can enjoy, there are beans, tlalpeño, Xóchitl, Galician, shrimp, fish broths, as well as chicken and beef broth.

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In soups there should be noodles with giblets, codito, beans, chicken, cabbage with bacon, lentils, noodles, Aztec soup, among others.

All creams must be served with seeds, fresh cheese squares or rye bread croutons and must be made with onion and without cream.

In the stews section, found on page 56, it is detailed that chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms or carrots, almond breast, breaded breast with mashed potatoes, grilled breast with baked potatoes, chicken in mole poblano and black mole, chicken in green mole, chicken with mushrooms, in a saucepan and in marinade.

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In addition to chicken in pipián, baked chicken with applesauce “Kentucky chicken (rarely) with French fries Pollo pibil” and “Breaded chicken (rarely) with green salad” and chicken with orange.

The menu should also serve green enchiladas with chicken, cheese and cream, Swiss enchiladas, golden chicken tacos with guacamole, cheese and cream, barbecue tacos with guacamole, cheese and cream, and carnitas tacos with Mexican salsa.

“Baked pork leg with avocado salad, pork with courgettes, pork loin, cochinita pibil,
Salpicón, Madrid stew, chilli pepper stuffed with meat or cheese, tuna croquettes, breaded fish fillet with cucumber salad, veracruz fillet, garlic mojarrita with mashed potatoes and escalopes with mushrooms “, are other stews to serve.

As for the desserts, which are indicated that they cannot be repeated during the week, there will be Neapolitan flan, mixed jelly (almond milk and / or water) and fruit “without artificial colors or flavors”, fruit crepes, strawberries with cream or substitute, baked apples, fruit cocktails, ice cream, eaten cheese, piloncillo squash, fried plantain, plus red fruit pie, corn pie, and carrot pie.

It should be noted that the contract will be valid from the day following the notification of the sentence and until 31 December 2022.