Learn how to make a delicious 3 cheese pasta with this recipe

The Sundays They are a date where we usually meet with family or partner to eat and the truth is that inside winter seasonwhat we like most is to feel the pampering of our Belovedto warm the soul and the heart. Therefore, the most important thing is to choose the right one. meal that we will share with those we eat on Sunday. And the truth is, sometimes it’s the key to a good conversation.

The pasta It is a food of Italian origin, which has conquered thousands of palates around the world. Some scientists claim that they are the oldest known and second oldest noodles New York TimesThey are nearly four millennia old. They are thin, yellow, measure 50 centimeters in length and originate from China. Noodles, for example, is similar to what happened in parallel in different parts of Eurasia (both in some places and China as in the Middle East and Italy).


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