Lenten dishes: spaghetti with prawns

Still a Friday in Lent and are you thinking of something to cook? Something delicious and different from the menu you prepare every day? You are in luck because here we bring you a recipe for spaghetti with shrimp.

Taking advantage of the seafood season, this time you can take advantage of the fresh prawns found in the fishmongers of your nearest market, so check your cupboard and prepare your purchases for this spectacular dish.

Shrimp spaghetti recipe


  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Onion 1/2 piece
  • Tomato 3 pieces
  • Parsley 3 branches
  • Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce 1/2 can
  • Salt and pepper
  • Spaghetti 200 g


  1. Peel the shrimp, remove the tail and clean the black line on the back. If the pieces are large, cut them into three parts.
  2. Boil the tomatoes and blend them with a piece of onion, a clove of garlic and add the chilli.
  3. Season the sauce with a drizzle of oil in a pan and set aside.
  4. Cook the spaghetti until they reach a point “al dente“and reserve.
  5. In a pan, heat a little oil and brown the prawns with the rest of the onion and the remaining finely chopped clove of garlic.
  6. Once cooked, add them to the sauce together with the spaghetti and cook for five minutes.
  7. Add the chopped parsley for serving and enjoy your meal

If you are looking for a less spicy version, you can replace the sauce with a cream cheese sauce. All you have to do is mix the cream with a cup of evaporated milk with a piece of garlic and onion. Season until you get a fairly thick cream and add the prawns and spaghetti.



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