No idea for preparing food? Prepare these noodles with chipotle and prawns

Spaghetti or spaghetti It is a type of Italian pasta made with durum wheat flour and water. It has the shape of a thin and long rope, with a circular section and an approximate size between 25 and 30 centimeters. It is one of the most representative ingredients of Italian gastronomy, whose popularity has transcended in other countries.

This pasta is one of the most popular in international gastronomy, when it is brought to multiple countries, its ingredients and flavor may vary, but despite this it is a delight for diners. And if you find yourself today no idea how to prepare a delicious mealA good spaghetti with chipotle It can be an option to enjoy a family dish that will also have some delicious Shrimp to give it a more than spectacular touch.


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