Pintó bodegón is born, the initiative to eat with discounts up to 30% in the city

The gastronomic movement organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Production of the City began on Tuesday 19 April and will end on Friday 22 April. Within four days you will be able to access the benefits within the more than 50 still lifes adhered to.

The organization of the quadruple day of discounts avails itself of the collaboration of the Hotels, Restaurants, Pastry Shops and Cafes Association (AHRCC) and the General Directorate of Goods, Museums and the Historic District.

In addition to promotions, you can also participate in several additional benefits in BA Capital Gastronomica’s networks, where there will be lotteries for the good to eat in the still lifes and the books by Pietro Sorba whose theme will be the still lifes. Furthermore, information on the event can be consulted in the BOTI, the WhatsApp chat of the Municipality: 11-5050-0147.

The city government has prepared a specially designed map so that diners can discover the location of the 50 bodegones that will be offering discounts. In addition, Ámbito offers a list of some of the still lifes that will participate in the eventwho will have dishes and special offers for the occasion.

The exceptional restaurants of “Pintó Bodegón”


The iconic still life in the San Cristóbal neighborhood is one of the most traditional in Buenos Aires. It was born in 1950 as a food and beverage outlet, and then became what it is today: a restaurant characterized by unique dishes such as snails or oxtail.

For “Pintó bodegón” they offer a special menu that includes Swiss chard pancakes, oxtail or Spanish-style lentils with a glass of house wine or water or soda. For dessert: mixed flan or coffee. The price per person is $ 1,500.

Location: Av. San Juan 1999.

Phone: 4304-4261.

the great gnat

It’s a free grilled grill located in the Almagro district. As a result of the event, they give a 10% discount on the final price but you have to take into account that you can only go with an advance booking.

Location: Lt. General Juan Domingo Perón 4499.

Tel: 4865-0033

The Charlie thing

Located in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood, it is one of the most famous grills in the city. Besides offering the possibility to eat the typical choripán at the bar, it also has the possibility to have fun with the family. His attention is 24 hours and during the event he will offer a 30% discount.

Location: Av. Álvarez Thomas 2101

Telephone: 45530882

8 corners

This bodegón is located in the Colegiales district and for this occasion it offers two abundant menus to try its tricolor noquis with 8 corner sauce or its veal stew, one of the dishes chosen by Pietro Sorba for his book. Prices range between $ 1,599 and $ 1,999 and include empanadas or pancakes for appetizers, flan or coffee for dessert, and a glass of Nieto Senetiner Malbec.

Location: Av. Forest 1186

Tel: 4554 5129

The hippo

This bodegón located in the historic district of San Telmo is also a good option to enjoy a hearty dish. For the event they will offer a special menu of homemade vegetable ravioli with bolognese, drink (glass of wine, soda or water) and dessert, valued at $ 1,150 per person.

Location: Av. Brasile 401

Telephone: 1134563956

The impartial

It is the oldest restaurant in the city, currently located in the Monserrat district. The gastronomic option includes cold cuts and cold dishes, crustaceans and molluscs, as well as other proposals.

For Pintó Bodegón, the special menu includes an appetizer that can be a potato omelette, cooked ham with pineapple or caesar salad; a main dish to choose from breaded calf or supreme with gasket, ravioli vegetables with mixed sauce, Valencian rice or hake fillet Roman-style with puree and a dessert (fruit salad, custard, ice cream or homemade flan). To drink: soda or mineral water. $ 2,100 per person.

Location: Hipólito Yrigoyen 1201

Telephone 114383-2919 ..