Reducing oil consumption would have health benefits

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The fats provided by this product help with brain function, blood flow, brain development, vision, and visual and neural development in children.

A nutritionist explained the options to vegetable oil, in the face of the increase in prices that the product has suffered due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, stressing that this change in diet would not only benefit the pocket, but also the health of the population. Chilean, favoring the consumption of foods that bring greater benefits to the body from the fats of this oil.

Angélica Barra, nutritionist and physical trainer graduated from the University of Santo Tomás, told the newspaper La Tribuna that “in the face of the rise in the price of oil we have several options, one of which is to quantify oil consumption, because many times when we cook we do not do it, when we could quantify, for example when we prepare a salad, using a teaspoon or a tablespoon of oil, to make this product more productive “. Barra indicated that” we can also replace the consumption of oil, avoiding, for example, to fry food, Chileans do it with vegetables such as legumes, which in reality is completely superfluous, we could save that consumption, in fact it is advisable to add oil to raw salads, because the truth is that, if let’s go more specifically, all foods have macronutrients, such as proteins or carbohydrates and lipids or fats ”. The nutritionist added that “some have higher percentages of these nutrients than others and in the case of oil we can skip the consumption for frying or heating, because in fact it becomes a saturated oil, which is linked to chronic diseases”.


Angélica Barra recommended “having a predominantly plant-based diet and obtaining essential fatty oils, such as omega three, through plant sources, such as flaxseed, chia, hemp seeds, nuts, dried fruit or avocado, among others. “. Notwithstanding the above, the nutritionist stated that “oil is important for the consumption of essential fatty acids, which the body cannot synthesize or produce, but it is important that they are in our diet”. According to the nutritionist, the intake of these fats “is important for brain function, blood flow, optimal brain development, vision, cell membranes and especially in the case of pregnant women, for visual and neuronal development of the newborn “. But faced with a possible shortage or increase in the price of the product due to the effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine on production, Barra said that “it would be ideal if we could stop consuming oil in daily food preparations, when we fry or fry. foods such as vegetables, replace this practice and change it with foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, for example by starting to consume flax seeds or chia seeds, which can be added to salads ”.

Furthermore, “starting to consume avocados, dried fruit, nuts, peanuts or making peanut butter for bread and quantifying the portions well at the time of consumption will allow these foods to last longer, which would also optimize the use that is given to people’s money to buy food ”was highlighted by Angélica Barra. Indeed, the nutritionist advanced that “what is coming is a decrease in the consumption of oil in the future, as well as plant-based foods, so it is important to prioritize legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fermented fruit and ideally all these foods are included in our daily diet, because they contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats and all the essential nutrients to be able to have optimal health and prevent chronic diseases “. Barra added that” plant-based nutrition is in fact the the only model that generates benefits not only individually, but collectively, because it has a less negative impact on the environment, on land use, on water pollution, on deforestation and on the production of greenhouse gases “.


Barra stressed that “it is important that when we are able to replace the oil with these foods, which contain Omega-3, we educate the population and explain that if we start consuming Omega-3 we will have many benefits and these benefits will be affected if we consume. processed foods, because they have a high degree of Omega-6 and trans fatty acids, which prevent the absorption of Omega-3, so it is always recommended to reduce or replace the consumption of processed foods. The nutritionist was also emphatic in mentioning that ” each person has a different energy requirement and that is why it is important to ask a nutritionist for advice, so that he can provide you with a personalized requirement of energy, macronutrients and micronutrients “.

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