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Did you know that in very cold seasons people usually eat more? Well, in these days of endless rain, it provokes eating until it can no longer be tolerated. But sometimes you don’t want to spend all day cooking or want to try new flavors.

These are some of the buffets as well restaurants with “all you can eat” service to eat your filland with culinary traditions from many parts of the world.

There is something for all tastes, from pizzas and Mexican food, passing through the different Asian traditions, to places to brunch with endless mimosas to color your Sunday morning.


If you are a lover of spicy food and tacos, you can visit one of the two El Mexican service points. One is on Calle 140 with Carrera 13 and the other on Calle 80 with Carrera 12.

From Monday to Thursday they are open from noon to 11 pm Friday and Saturday, from noon to midnight, and on Sundays they open at the usual time and close at 9 pm

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It costs $ 30,000 per person and includes vegetarian options. Plus, for an additional $ 15,000 you can also enjoy two margaritas.

Remember to arrive early and be prepared to queue because many diners want to enjoy the flavors of this ‘all you can eat’.

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At any point you can pay by card and, for now, it looks like the “all you can eat” option will be permanent.


Almost every weekend, when a group of friends get together, the gastronomic option that can please everyone is pizza.

If you are tired of the usual places to eat this signature Italian dish, now you can enjoy it, but in an all you can eat format.

The Trattoria Sole Rosso restaurant offers unlimited pizza every Wednesday through May 25 for $ 35,000 per person. It includes vegetarian pizza options, but if you wanted to try other dishes, you would no longer have the promotion.

This promotion will only be available at the point at Quinta Camacho from the restaurant and from noon to 9 in the evening, but you have to hurry up because you will be able to order the next pizza only when you have finished the previous one. And, he remembers, each person can only stay for two hours if he participates in “all you can eat”.

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If you want your pet to accompany you, you can go to restaurant in the Hacienda Santa Bárbara shopping center. There, every Tuesday and Thursday, from 1pm to 8pm, they have unlimited pizzas for $ 23,000 per person. They also have cocktails and desserts.

Asian cuisine

At CC El Edén you can find Wok Garden, a restaurant with a permanent all-you-can-eat buffet, where you can enjoy a variety of Asian dishes. While it doesn’t include drinks, it still has around 100 different dishes, so you can choose the one you like best.

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Monday through Friday it costs $ 29,900 and on public holidays $ 36,500 per person. Again, it’s a race against time, as you can only stay in the restaurant for two hours. Also, the price does not include drinks.

However, it can be very interesting if you want to go with your family, as the service is free for children under one meter tall. If they are taller, they only pay $ 15,000 per child.

Semi-permanent brunch and buffet

The International Book Fair has begun in Corferias and at the entrance you can find another of the recommended restaurants: Oka Grill House. It offers unlimited brunch service every Saturday from 11:30 to 16:00

It is advisable to make a reservation via the restaurant’s WhatsApp. Likewise, they have unlimited food and drinks for their guests.

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In a bistro model you can find a buffet with unlimited options every Sunday from 11:00 for $ 90,000 pesos per person. Includes mimosas to accompany the tasty brunch at your disposal.

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In addition, the Bogota Marriot hotel on Av. El Dorado offers “all you can eat” services in two of its restaurants: one for pizza and the other for sushi. For $ 85,000 each, you can enjoy the services of one of the two venues every Saturday, which also have live music.

At Tanoshii, an Asian restaurant, the ‘all you can eat’ starts at 18:00 and lasts until 23:00 while the ‘Rock it All’, the pizza buffet of the Circo Terraza restaurant starts at noon and lasts until 16 : 00

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