Taco Bell Brings Back Mexican Pizza – Why Was It Removed?


If you’re in the mood for a cheesy, beef-topped pizza that also tastes like toast for under $ 5, you’re in luck. Taco Bell just announced in a press release that he will be adding Mexican pizza to his menu after removing it in 2020.

The news was announced during Coachella by Grammy-winning rapper and Mexican pizza superfan Doja Cat.

Keep scrolling for a brief history of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza and the official date of its return.

Source: Getty Images What is Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza?

Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza, formerly called Pizzazz Pizza, first appeared on the menu in 1985. It consists of two crispy flour shells, topped with beans, pizza sauce, seasoned beef, tomatoes and a blend of three cheeses. purr. The popular item could also be prepared in a veggie style without beef.

But in 2020, Taco Bell removed the item claiming that the pizza packaging was not environmentally friendly and accounted for more than 7 million pounds of cardboard per year in the United States.

This was a big disappointment for many of his fans. In fact, following the news of her removal, a customer named Krish Jagirdar created a petition on Change.org for the return of the pizza.

“Like many American Indians who grew up vegetarians, we had limited access to ‘fun’ fast food, so Taco Bell became a bridge to American culture for many children like me who grew up in immigrant homes,” he said.

In his petition, he explained that Mexican pizza was a beloved item by many in the South Asian community and was “a piece of [their] childhood and heritage as American Indians.

Nearly 200,000 signatures later, Taco Bell eventually caved.

2 years ago I heard that Taco Bell was planning to stop making my favorite dish, Mexican pizza. I couldn’t stand by, so I started an @change petition. Today I’m happy to share that @tacobell has brought back Mexican pizza! Read it here: https://t.co/gpklj4WMK8

– Krish (@KrishJagirdar) April 18, 2022 Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza will be back on May 19, 2022! This is what you should know:

Mark your calendars! Taco Bell announced that its Mexican pizza will officially be back on the menu on May 19, 2022 after a two-year hiatus.

While the pizza recipe remains the same, Taco Bell says it “worked to streamline operations and ingredient sourcing while leaving a lighter footprint.”

Source: Taco Bell

As Taco Bell CEO Mark King put it: “From his flashy introduction to menus in 1985 as ‘Pizzazz Pizza’ to his inspiration behind the creation of infamous jingles, Mexican Pizza has a long history with the brand and I am delighted to be able to give give fans what they crave and take our classic Mexican pizza home where it should.

Additionally, the chain has partnered with DoorDash for a special delivery promotion valid during the first pizza return week (May 19-26). Those who want to skip the trip and dine at home can order Mexican pizza from DoorDash and use the promo code MEXPIZZA at the checkout to enjoy a $ 2 discount. Note: There is a $ 12 minimum to use the coupon.

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Doja Cat is also excited about the return of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza.

During Doja’s iconic Coachella commercial, he told the audience, “By the way, I brought Mexican pizza.”

Doja, who teamed up with Taco Bell after the company contacted her following her own tweets about the loss of Mexican pizza, was one of the first to announce the big news.