Telepizza presents a new image, recipe and pizza for its 35th anniversary

telepizza since 1987 home delivery of pizzas in our country. After these 35 years in which it has achieved an excellent position, the company has made a decision relaunch your brand with a new strategy, which includes a more youthful and current imageis one new recipewhere the secret is still in the dough.

Re-launch of the Telepizza brand
Photo: Telepizza.

The pioneer brand in pizza delivery in Spain updates its main assets with the launch of a new image and a focused strategy digital channelsWhat TikTok, Twitch and Instagramwith the aim of reaching the new generations.

A renewed and closer image

To present this new stage, Telepizza has launched a new place advertising which features popular characters among young people such as the rapper arkanosinger Beatrice Luengo and the TikToker claudia garcia.

The commercial for the new campaign features a catchy song in which its protagonists share the secret of its success, do things for yourself. This is presented as a simile with Telepizza’s secret of success: its own dough.

Don’t forget that the brand recently signed a sponsorship agreement with streamer Ibai Llanosand his Finetwork KOI eSports team, which will help to get closer to the youngest and convey the new tone and positioning.

Telepizza improves his pizza recipe and presents the Telepite

For this occasion, the banner has decided to save its iconic motto, “The secret is in the dough”, As a nod to his career. The masses of the brand’s pizzas come from the municipality of I dance from abovein Madrid, where they are made with their own recipe and a secret formula.

This process has been running since 1987 and is unique. It consists of 7 days of preparation, 72 hours of fermentation and a perfect kneading and elongation by hand. And finally, about 6 minutes of cooking.

New improved Telepizza recipe
Photo: Telepizza.

For the new recipe, the pasta, tomato and cheese. The dough is more consistent and soft, ensuring a uniform thickness. Moreover, tomato sauce (without frying and without added oils) It is much tastier and the new melted cheese100% dairy, provides greater creaminess.

The company also wanted to present a new pizza, which they called the Telepiteso that it becomes the reference product of the brand. Telepitop was born after actively listening to the customer, who was essential to know your tastes and preferences. Thus, this pizza has tomato, cheese, specially seasoned ground beef, crispy bacon and the iconic barbecue sauce.

Improve your market competitiveness

Regarding the relaunch of the brand and the new stage that Telepizza is opening, Ana Diogo, Iberia general manager of Food Delivery Brands, declared: “Innovation is a constant and a hallmark of Telepizza. On our 35th anniversary, we dare to review the secret of our success with a new recipe which maintains the same essence as always, but with an improvement in the quality, flavor and presentation of our Telepizze. We are convinced that this focus on constantly improving the quality of our products puts us in an even better position increase our competitiveness on the market“.

Re-launch of the Telepizza brand
Photo: Telepizza.

With a network of 718 locations in Spain, Telepizza is the pizza brand with the greatest capillarity in Spain, being present in all autonomous communities and cities with more than 40,000 inhabitants. In addition, it is one of the most used restaurant brands, with more than 14,000 employees.

For this 2022 the brand, owned by Food Delivery Brands, designs the opening of 25 new facilities. The idea is to enhance its presence in the municipalities of about 25,000 inhabitants. In addition, it will bet on new store formats, such as mobile stores, food trucks or modular stores, to focus on delivery and take away services.

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