The best pizza maker in Spain is from Valencia

Marco Bianchiowner and pizza chef of the Il Cortile di Valencia group, he won the award for best Spanish pizza chef at the World Pizza Championship 2022, the cworld championship of pizza held in the city of Parma (Italy) from 5 to 7 April.

Among all the national participants who participated in the competition, Bianchi prevailed in the Classic Pizza category with his famous ones “5 plots”. The recipe for this pizza is made from creamy, crunchy Parmesan jowlsegg zabaglione, candied egg yolk, crunchy parmesan and grated fresh truffle.

Marco Bianchi

After being Spanish champion of signature pizza in 2020 and finishing second in second place in this same Italian event in 2018 and 2019, Bianchi and Il Cortile add a new title to their record.

Il Cortile has established itself as the most successful pizzeria in the Valencian Community. The group has 5 restaurants in the province of Valencia where it combines Italian cuisine with Mediterranean cuisine and the traditional techniques of transalpine gastronomy.

Bianchi also teamed up with Emilia Martínez in the race “Pizza Due” and managed to place itself among the 20 best pairs of pizza chefs in the world with a pizza made with artichoke cream, prawns, coffee zabaglione, crispy prawns and egg yolk caviar.

The World Pizza Championship 2022 received this year more than 750 participants from 40 countries to compete for three days in more than twelve different categories of pizzas.

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