The best rocket pizza to make at home

The crunchy combination of the dough, with the light sweetness of the tomato sauce and the freshness of rocket do the Pizza from rocket has become one of the most chosen by fans of the Pizza Around the world.

It is a great idea to make a homemade pizza to receive friends or share with family.

The pizza with rocket It’s easy, has few ingredients, and a light, natural finish makes it the recipe from Pizza perfect to do at home. To have fun with family and friends, with the tranquility that will surely please everyone. Martín Colazo, executive chef of Tomasso @tomassopizzasok, shares all the details and step by step so that we can make it happen pizza with rocket at home. The expert explains how to make the dough, the tomato sauce, the topping and also which are the best cheeses to use in a Pizza.