The recipe for shrimp fettuccine, a delicious dish for the weekend

the fheptucchines It is a pasta of Italian origin, its name means “smear”. It has a flat texture and is made with water, flour and egg. It is believed that the best pasta is the one sold fresh and handmade, and in the case of noodles, Its popularity lies in the fact that it can be combined with a variety of creams, fish or shrimpwhich give it a distinctive and delicious flavor.

The fettuccine or fettuccine are also called tagliatelle; however, the difference between these two types of pasta is the thickness. One of the most famous dishes in the world is the Fettuccine Alfredo, a dish that is prepared with Salsa Alfredo, a classic of Italian cuisine. Today, before Italian food daywe give you the recipe to make delicious shrimp fettuccine.


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