The strength of the salad, fast and nutritious, what are the essential ingredients that add flavor and quality

Scientists agree Vegetables are essential foods for the body. What they are still discussing has to do with the source of their profits. Is it the antioxidants, the fiber, the fatty acids or the omega 3s? The truth is that in those countries where half a pound – or more – of fruit and vegetables are consumed per day, the cancer rate is half that recorded in the United States. The data is also interesting, both for that region of the planet and for other countries of the world where obesity is an increasingly worrying issue, since “organizing a diet based on fruit and vegetables allows us to reduce the consumption of calories. vegetables are often less energy dense than other foods, so having frozen vegetables in the freezer is a good option for adding vegetables to impromptu meals. ”says Jessica Lekerman, cook and owner of Möoi restaurants.

And the salad It is usually one of those improvised dishes, always at hand, which do not require too much preparation time and are presented as a healthy alternative to lunch or dinner. A source of vitamin C, magnesium, minerals and excellent as a fiber, lettuce is usually the star ingredient salads. Its benefits are many: while over 95% of the lettuce leaf is water, it helps eliminate toxins, purify the body, reduce cramps and restore tissues. Using it as a starting point for different combinations allows you to compose a dish rich and rich in nutrients.

“Lettuces are a source of vitamin C, contain magnesium, minerals and are an excellent source of fiber, which improve digestive function. They reduce anxiety and stress “and, as explained by Agustin Benito, agricultural engineer and founding partner of Sueño Verde, who until Friday 22 offers a 20% discount on selected products,” promote muscle relaxation, help reduce cramps and restore fabrics. More than 95% of a lettuce leaf is water, which is why it also helps eliminate toxins and cleanse the body.

Lettuce contains a lot of water and very few carbohydrates therefore its caloric intake is low. It is also an excellent source of fiber which improves digestive function. I use a lot of lettuce in mine salads. For me the salads they are a simple and tasty way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily meals and a tool for healthier eating. Eating healthy is a decision we make every day. If you are going to prepare a salad don’t forget to include a very rich dressing and something crunchy. The variety of textures makes yours salads be delicious, ”advises Pía Fendrik, cook and author of the book Salads, Four SeasonsEditorial catapult.

But what ingredients and foods should be added to make it a complete, nutrient-rich meal? Chef Juan Braceli suggests:

Salad, the strength of its ingredients.
Salad, the strength of its ingredients.Courtesy Green Dream

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