the young couple realized the dream of their business with Pura Madre Pizza, in Neapolitan style

Alba Delvalle

In this new installment of the special LN Entrepreneurs, we come with a story that invites us not to wait for the weekend to indulge ourselves and to dine tonight with delicious homemade pizzas from the entrepreneurship of a young couple who are forging not only a life together, but also their own affairs that emerged in the midst of the pandemic.

Options, places and recipes for homemade pizzas are found everywhere, in fact, but the interesting thing about this proposal is that it is made with Neapolitan-style sourdough, yes, with a recipe of the entrepreneurs under the name of Pizza Madre Pura.

The company was born at the end of 2020 by Wilfried Rossel and María José Mendieta, who have been together in their relationship for 5 years. Will is a cook and currently has a steady job at the same time, while Majo is a clerk and fully dedicated to Pura Madre Pizzas, they started the chat enthusiastically.

The company was born from the need to have a naturally leavened Neapolitan pizza, without any type of preservative, which gives a lot of flavor and at the same time is super light for digestion. Photo courtesy.

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“This company was born from the need to have a pizza with sourdough, Neapolitan style and without any type of preservative, which gives a lot of flavor and at the same time is super light for digestion. Since there was no such thing in the city, we decided to dedicate ourselves to it so that people can take home a handcrafted product made literally at our home, ”the couple said.

Majo takes the floor, and tells us that Will is a cook, since he already had the oven but as a hobby they spent the entire quarantine trying the pizzas, and how his dream was always to have a cooking business, and that as a couple they always talked about it, they both said, why not try it?

Will agrees that they both had steady jobs at the time, so if the pizzeria didn’t work, well, they ran it together, nothing would happen, but the success was such that they haven’t stopped since then, even with help. of Jazmín, Majo’s sister, and thus made possible the realization of Pure Mother.

Majo explains that the recipe was created by Will, successful errors and tests throughout the total quarantine and more, until it was at the point where they wanted and then being able to come out with a first-class product ever since. from the beginning.

Pura Madre Pizzas currently has a variety of 12 flavors and 1 type of sandwich, but they anticipate more with the opening of a store. Photo courtesy.

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Pura Madre Pizzas currently has a variety of 12 flavors and 1 type of sandwich at the moment, with more than affordable prices ranging from G. 35 thousand to G. 45 thousand, but as they are already planning a shop soon, they will have more flavors. in both cases.

Thus, the products are aimed at all people who like to experience good gastronomy, who were encouraged to try the flavors of Pura Madre, meticulously prepared for demanding palates, they highlighted.

As in every interview, we asked entrepreneurs if it was difficult for them to start a business in Paraguay, and they felt that nothing is easy nowadays, but when you do something that they are really passionate about, as in their case, they said, it becomes more and more bearable, because there will be difficulties, but the important thing is to persevere, they stressed.

The hardest thing they think was enduring not so good days. For them, lifting the restrictions was tricky because they got a little hit as people started leaving their homes and in their case the delivery orders went down. “I think it was a challenge for us, we still continue and now we are better than before,” said the couple.

I already had the oven, but as a hobby, and since all the quarantine was spent trying the pizzas, they decided to give it a try. Photo courtesy.

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This is why the pandemic for them was a moment of opportunity, because they were born in the midst of the virus, which thanks to the time of confinement in homes was encouraged to make Pura Madre Pizze a reality.

They recalled that they only started with the delivery service and the right of withdrawal precisely because of the pandemic and because a year ago they did not have the tools to start a physical location and for the epidemiological situation of COVID-19, but today they already have super loyal customers who choose them from the start, as well as those who join them along the way, who are the ones who advise and make the profitability of the business possible.

As for the couple’s projects, they indicated that the next step is to open the premises so that people can have the experience of eating freshly baked pizzas, as well as keeping the delivery and restaurant service on par. “Our closest goal is the local and our dream is to be the best pizzeria in the country”, the entrepreneurs risked saying.

Likewise, all the people who want to undertake have been encouraged with the message that anything they intend to do can be done and never allow someone to tell them they can’t do it. “It’s not easy, but the satisfaction of doing what you love is priceless,” concluded Majo and Will.


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