This is how the definitive spaghetti carbonara are prepared

  • Chef from the Italian Embassy in Madrid, Giuseppe Ferraro, shares his tricks for making a perfect carbonara for four

A whole mystery not without controversy between Italians and Americans looms permanently on the origin of the carbonara sauce, a recipe that this April 6 celebrates his International Day, to praise one of the most acclaimed dishes of Italian cuisine: spaghetti carbonara.

The more narrative version of the birth of this food is associated the coal shop, an Italian revolutionary secret society founded in Naples in the early 19th century and promoting patriotic and liberal ideals. Its members, the Carbonari, They gathered in the mountains and prepared dishes with the easiest to obtain ingredients: eggs, sheep’s cheese and pasta. Carbonara could be like this an evolution of the ancient recipe cacho e ovo (cheese and eggs), that the Carbonari prepared in their clandestine meetings.

This romantic and heroic story inspired the latest campaign that Garofalo pasta, one of the most selected companies in Italy in the production of artisanal pasta, where it uses only products from the municipality of Gragnano – at the bottom of the Gulf of Naples – with the best Italian durum and porous wheat which allows you to capture sauces.

As part of this campaign, the company has created, a kit for those who want to prepare a real carbonara. Includes for 35 euros all the necessary ingredients: spaghetti —Made with durum wheat semolina pasta and rough to the touch thanks to the bronze drawing; 240 grams of Negrini bacon —The pork rind, which gives an extraordinary flavor to the sauce—, 200 grams of pecorino romano—Strong, intense and aromatic sheep’s cheese— e Freshly ground black pepper Comes in a ecru canvas bag winks at the clandestine meetings of La Carbonería in the mountains.

The chef of the Italian embassy in Madrid, giuseppe ferraroshares his tips for preparing the ultimate carbonara for four people:

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  • 280 grams of spaghetti

  • 180 grams of jowls (that kind of Italian bacon or bacon)

  • 5 yolks egg

  • 120 grams of pecorino cheese Roman

  • 3 grams of mixed chilli (red, white, green and black) freshly ground.

  • First cut the bacon thin strips and then into small pieces in the shape of a rhombus.

  • Place the already cut bacon a pan, put it to fry over low heat until crisp.

  • Remove excess fat from the pan and by keeping it, it will serve to give the carbonara aroma almost at the end.

  • Cooked the pasta in abundant boiling water With salt.

  • While the pasta is cooking grate the pecorino, separate the yolks from the whites and put them in a container (the egg whites can be kept for another preparation).

  • Beat the egg yolks with pecorino cheese and half of the ground pepper.

  • Drain the pasta al dente.

  • Next, in a stainless steel bowl, out of the heat, mix the pasta well with the egg mixture, pepper and pepper and at the end add a little of the bacon fat previously removed from the pan and add the crispy bacon.

  • Serve the pasta on plates and finish by sprinkling a little pecorino cheese, bacon and a little freshly ground pepper.