Worrying is the number of cases of fainting in children who do not have breakfast before going to school

04/19/2022 – 21:21 Santiago

Every morning thousands of parents they “fight” so that theirs children have breakfast
before going to school. However, on many occasions it is usually in vain, as there is no way for boys to take a bite within minutes of waking up. This situation has given rise to a significant number of cases of children suffering from fainting during school hours.

This was stated by the Cepsi “Eva Peron”, who in recent weeks have had to assist children with this problem.

“There is a notable prevalence in schoolchildren of eating behavior without breakfast, which can often cause metabolic fainting while staying in the school space. Thinking about a healthy breakfast for school is as important as maybe packing your backpack or doing your homework. This meal confers numerous benefits in the school environment such as optimization of concentration, better attention span to reduce irritability, a healthy body weight, better overall nutrition, as well as avoiding metabolic disturbances such as morning hypoglycemia which can cause fainting “. Lic. Raquel Carranza, specialist in Nutrition.

According to the professional, “breakfast has sometimes become one of the most important nutritional problems, motivated by various situations, including time limits, the lack of habit of including this meal. It is sometimes usually referred to as the cause of gastrointestinal distress, among others.

Suggestions for a breakfast

“Regardless of the degree of preparation that you opt for this meal, that is simple or more elaborate, the priority must be to make it nutritious. To do this, breakfast must be planned according to the circumstances ”, thought Carranza.

While the ideal would be to sit with the family and prepare this meal, sometimes it is not possible and you can choose to do it faster, leaving it prepared the night before. This can help cut down on time and keep a wide range of healthy foods on hand.

Simple examples like preparing ahead or getting ready and served

– unsweetened cereals with pieces of fruit

– 1 glass of yogurt

– 1 cup of infusion (mate, tea, malt, etc.) with milk

– 1 serving of healthy bread with cheese.

– 1 fruit + 1 glass of milk or yogurt

– 1 cup of infusion of your choice with 1 wholemeal cheese sandwich.


Nutritious ideas to start the day

Plan on grab-and-go breakfasts, stocking up on a variety of nutritious foods that can be prepared and packaged ahead of time. We recommend: Fruit muffins + 1 long-life milk; Sliced ​​apple + 1 glass of flan; Small glass of fruit salad + 1 hard-boiled egg; 1 banana + 1 long-life milk-based drink; 1 portion of biscuit + 1 milk drink; 1 cereal bar + 1 portion of dried fruit; 1 boiled egg + 1 tomato + 1 bottle of water; slices of low-fat cheese in rolls + 1 wholemeal sandwich; 1 sandwich on wholemeal bread with cheese or beef and tomatoes + 1 bottle of water; 1 portion of simple sweet or wholemeal crackers + 1 long-life milk-based drink; 1 bottle of fruit smoothie + 1 dairy drink; 1 portion of dried fruit + 1 bottle of water.

Benefit of breakfast with nutritional insight

Finally, Lic. Carranza warns: “When you choose foods for school breakfast, broaden your horizons and think about proteins (drinkable and solid dairy products, eggs, meat), fibers, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates (fruit and vegetables) and think with originality, variety and habits to broaden your horizons with options beyond milk and cereals or sandwiches, choosing it or making it more appetizing according to the tastes of each schoolboy “. It is important to check the ultra-processed foods, the content of salt and simple carbohydrates and do not forget the hydration, “1 bottle of water is the best option,” she concluded.