Yalitza Aparicio surprises in the kitchen with her favorite pizza recipe

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Yalitza Aparicio surprised his fans making a pizza with his father. Like every week, the actress of “Rome”Publishes a vlog about his daily life and the curiosities of his environment. On this occasion he shared with his followers the pizza recipe he likes best.

Last week he showed a recipe for a traditional chocolate from Oaxaca and this time he also opted for cooking. “As always, I’ll just watch and ask why in my house the ones who can cook are my father and my brothers,” she said at the beginning of the clip.

The Oscar nominee for Best Actress for her participation in “Rome“He shared that his father is dedicated to selling pizzas in different establishments on a truck, where he transports all the utensils and ingredients to prepare them.

Yalitza Aparicio and her father share a recipe for a pizza
Photo: screenshot / Youtube

“My father created a lot of communities because he dedicated himself to being from square to square in Oaxaca as the markets are small and my father in these places,” said Yalitza, who said this is a family business, from which they have lived for many years

Once they’ve told the story, Yalitza and his father went to work and got ready to cook pizza. For this video they chose a classic Hawaiian recipe, for which they needed yeast, salt, water, flour, tomato, flour, cheese, ham and pineapple.

As for the preparation, they showed how the flour is kneaded, together with the rest of the ingredients, until it forms a homogeneous mixture. Then the dough is left to rest for an hour and that’s when it will be ready to be molded into a pizza.

This is what Yalitza Aparicio’s favorite pizza looks like
Photo: screenshot / Youtube

Then you add tomato, cheese and the rest of the ingredients you want to add; in this passage, Yalitza Aparicio and his dad added ham and pineapple to make Hawaiian pizza. Finally it goes into the oven and after a few minutes it is ready to be served and enjoyed.

Discover the complete recipe here:


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